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Stop Cleaning Before The Cleaner

Thank you for coming with me through Season 4. If you’ve been nodding along, I encourage you to just take the first step and book a call. We’ve gone through a lot of common problems and maybe you feel like you can fix it yourself, but don’t. Even if you are capable, your energy is better spent elsewhere. That’s my job!

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Kronda, fix my marketing!

Listen in as I talk with Mia Francis Poulin, owner and copywriter in chief at The Copy Haus. Today we’ll go through a mini version of the process I offer my clients in the Marketing Intensive. We’ll walk through her marketing system from traffic all the way to follow-up and plug some holes in Mia’s system.

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Why Can’t You Let It Be Simple?

Today I’m talking about keeping it simple. If you feel called out, just know that I’m right there with you. Really all you need are a way to get found, a way to get booked, and a way to get paid. Make sure your website is up to date and linked in your socials. Make sure you’re qualifying prospects and automating booking. Make it easy for people to pay you. Keep your focus and keep doing what works!

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Understanding Your Customer Journey

A lot of us tend to think of our marketing as intrusive, or bugging people. Really, staying in front of your audience and reminding them of the solution you have to their problem is a service in itself. In this episode we’ll talk about the “Significant 6,” or the 6 systems every business needs in order to do marketing and sales effectively. We’ll also look at why some people aren’t ready to buy yet and what you can do to help them.

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Social Media Is Not Marketing

Sometimes business owners seem to be hyper-focused on making the reels and TikToks, and in that hustle and grind we neglect to create a marketing system because that part doesn’t feel urgent. It’s time to shift your focus to long-term assets that will give you long-term results.

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