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Underestimated Founders Need Email Marketing More Than Anyone

Table of Contents Email is More Likely to Be Seen and ReadEmail is a Direct Channel to Your AudienceMarginalized Business Owners Underutilize Email as a Communication ChannelUnderestimated Founders Need to Own their Assets and Data in 2024How to Get Help Owning Your Digital AssetsDon’t Let Your Bad Experiences with Email Hold You Back Dear underestimated

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Will your emails get blocked?

Google and Yahoo are implementing email domain authentication requirements and spam prevention changes, set to take effect in February 2024.Google Yahoo Email Changes for 2024If you’re using email marketing via a service such as Active Campaign, ConvertKit, etc, you’ll be required to authenticate your email domain to keep reaching your subscriber’s inboxes. Similar to requiring SSL

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How Automation Can Help You Embody Your Word for 2024

Table of Contents Use Automation for More Focus & EaseHow Automation Can Help You be ExpansiveUse Automation to SimplifyHow Can Automation Help You Stay Connected? Curious Who Your Hot Leads Are? Automation Can Help Find ThemCan You Still Automate if You’re Weird? Hate Confrontation? Use Automation to Say NoHow to Automate if You’re Not Techie– Without Breaking

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How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Business

If you’ve ever outsourced your technology decisions to the comments section of a Facebook post, this article is for you. When you’re done, you’ll understand exactly how to get good advice to choose the right technology for your business that can grow with you for the next 5-10 years. Table of Contents Get Your Technology

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Thinking of leaving Active Campaign? Here's what you need to know.

Table of Contents The Problems with Active Campaign in 2023Active Campaign Customer Service Has Gone DownhillActive Campaign Pricing Went Up in 2023.Active Campaign Technical IssuesThings to Consider if You’re Thinking of Migrating Away from Active CampaignWhat Features Do You Need?The Real Cost of Leaving Active CampaignHow Easy is it to Migrate Away from Active Campaign? It’s

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