You're a badass at what you do, but not enough people know it.

If that describes you, you're in the right place.

I'm passionate about empowering you to take control of your digital marketing.

  • Are you overwhelmed trying to manage all the tech aspects of your marketing?
  • Are you embarrassed by your website?
  • Are you tired of being at the mercy of flaky developers to make the smallest changes?
  • Are you unsure if you have control of all the tech pieces and parts that make up your online marketing?
  • Are you too busy actually running your business to even think about this stuff, much less manage it all?

Here's what some clients have said about working with me:

Most of my time was taken up not by making the changes I wanted but fixing the issues I caused attempting to make them. I am now able to more completely focus on my core business of bicycle parts (which I enjoy).

Adam Clement | Gevenalle Performance Bicycle Parts

Through Kronda's consultation and support, I was able to see that I do actually have good ideas for content (!!!) but that they need to be structured in a way that makes sense for my audience. Now, I feel like I can import the strategies she gave me for Human.School into my business and other projects because I “get” the underlying content principles.

Kristen Gallagher | CEO, Edify, and Creator of Human School Conf

About Karvel Digital

I help entrepreneurs who are ready to stop spinning their marketing wheels and get serious about creating an online marketing engine for their business.

Isn't it time you stopped marketing like it's 1999?

I will help you craft an online marketing experience that captures your ideal clients' attention, introduces them to your brand and turns them into customers. 

I believe every business owner should be able to have total control of their online marketing without being overly dependent on flaky web professionals who disappear when it matters most.

Because when you know how to manage your own website, you'll have control of your online marketing, be able to grow your business at your own pace, and know how to hire the right people to help.

My Story

I'm a recovering WordPress developer turned digital marketer who loves to reinvent myself and my business. At age 34, I decided to become a programmer and spent the next five years getting a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Portland.

After a couple of years at an agency, I struck out on my own to create WordPress websites for small business owners.

I've spent the past few years learning what makes websites profitable and rescuing business owners from ill-informed technology decisions. I want to spare you the overwhelm of wading through the thousands of choices and carve a clear path to success.

I bring my writing skills and other superpowers developed in previous careers in retail, customer service, and project management to everything I work on.

As we work together, I'll encourage you to…

  • Set clear SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound) goals for what you want to achieve in your business.
  • Take control of your digital assets by learning what tools you need and how to maintain control of them.
  • Remove your ego and adopt a data-driven mindset to optimizing your marketing strategies.
  • Create systems and processes that help you save time and increase revenue.

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