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Don't buy software for your business. Hire it. 

We get your automated email marketing engine running (and keep it that way), so your business can start scaling.

Your zone of genius isn’t automation. It’s ours.

You don’t have to lie to kick it here. We know automation is hard. We know that every time you ever logged into Active Campaign and looked at automations, it felt so overwhelming that you resorted to the “screw it” mentality and reverted back to your manual follow-up ways. 

But when you don’t do the work to automate your email marketing, you’re allowing all those leads you spent time attaining to fall through. You’re leaving money on the table, and if we know anything about you, it’s that you’re not trying to leave anything on the table. Now does that mean you have to hit up YouTube university and spend the next couple of years figuring this all out? Thankfully, no. 

As a team of Certified Automation Service Providers™, we’re experts at going into your basement and building you strong foundations. We’ll automate your systems and help you get the absolute most from the time and energy you put into lead generation so that you can free up your time, serve your clients, and increase your sales.

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All about automating your business and making you more money. 

Kickstarting your automated sales machine is all about saving you time while making you more money. With our CRM to sales premium service, we’ll optimize and manage your Active Campaign system so that you actively nurture and convert your leads without adding a MINUTE of extra work onto your plate. 

Have you been burned by a tech VA in the past?  Don’t worry. We’re not tech VAs, so we’re not here to waste your time, either. As a team of Certified Automation Service Providers™, we’ve done extensive work within the industry and deeply understand Active Campaign. This means we’re not looking to you for direction. 

We’ll take the guesswork out of automations for you. You won’t have to wonder how to start your marketing machine because we’ll do it and manage it for you.

Hey, I'm Kronda

Black Proud. Queer Proud. Fur Baby Obsessed. Oh yeah, and I’m the CEO and Founder of Karvel Digital

My story starts out like a lot of entrepreneurs. I hit rock bottom when I got fired from my tech job. Can someone please tell the Black community tech jobs aren’t as secure as we think? But stewing isn’t who I am, so instead of becoming stagnant, I got active. 

With a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Portland, I reinvented myself, and Karvel Digital was born. At first, I created $500 WordPress websites for small business owners. Don’t worry. I raised my prices eventually. 

But as I was making these websites, I kept seeing a problem. My clients were asking for websites thinking it would check off the box on their marketing. And because I knew that was a bold-faced myth I wanted no part of, I quit. 

Over the next few years, I dedicated myself to supporting my clients by creating and implementing marketing strategies that really worked. I ran a content boot camp that taught them how to create content marketing. I also gave them the tech support they needed to better utilize their marketing technology and avoid ill-informed tech decisions. 

After getting my clients' content where they needed it to be, I kept hearing the same frustration. Now, they were generating the leads, but because they were so busy, those leads were slipping through the cracks. 

The rest was history. 

Today, I’m a digital marketer and Certified Automation Service Provider™ who helps our clients make sure that no lead slips through the cracks and that every piece of email marketing content you create is used to its fullest potential. With our signature service, CRM to Sales, we use the system you’ve already invested in, Active Campaign, to create processes that help you save time and increase revenue.

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We know our shit.

With extensive experience and expansive knowledge, we’ve seen it all. From CRMs that resemble a rats nest (hello, way too many lists and random tags) to inconsistent marketing and every step in between.

We know your struggles with automating your business, and we’re so ready to help that we’re giving out free advice. Whether you want to know how the sausage is made or just what it can start doing for your business, our blog and podcast tell it all.