Coffee Dates

Cup of coffee

You’re probably here because you’ve asked if we can meet for coffee or lunch. It’s usually a chance to ‘pick my brain’, learn more about my services (either because you’re interested in hiring me or referring me to others). I’m super flattered that you’re interested in learning more about me and Karvel Digital.  However, since […]

3 Reasons You Need a Password Management System

Just like you need a ring for your keys, you should have a system for your passwords

1. Your passwords are not secure password password123 catsname companynamewithazeroinsteadofaone I have used these passwords. I know you’ve used these passwords. Since becoming a developer, I have also become the keeper of other people’s passwords. I see firsthand how terrible and insecure they are. These are important passwords. The ones that are protecting domain accounts, […]

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