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How We Helped Increase Revenue by 240% for Lost Coast Adventure Tours

Lost Coast Adventure Tours provides shuttle and guide service for hikers in Northern California who are visiting the world famous Lost Coast trail along the Pacific Ocean. The trail is remote, hard to reach, and there’s no cell or other services along the 24.6-mile trail. When I first met Owner Blu Graham, he had no

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Big Changes at Karvel Digital

I’ve been pretty open about that fact that 2015 was a tough year for Karvel Digital and I learned a lot of hard and expensive lessons. I’ve been taking those lessons and turning them into action. Thinking about what I’m good at, where I want to put our time and energy and how we can

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Behind the Scenes: Remaking Karvel Digital

Many web developers and designers suffer from what I refer to as the ‘cobbler / shoe’ problem. We tend to be so busy working on client sites–like the one we launched last month for Fisher Business Management – that our own sites can sometimes languish, unloved for months or even years. This month, I had

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How I Learned to Run a Successful Web Business

Freelancing as a web professional can be an emotional and financial roller coaster, especially when you’re first starting out. Just about everyone: works too much charges too little says yes to everything ends up with one or more nightmare clients of the kind found on Clients from Hell. At some point, you either figure out

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