Attract your audience. Automate your conversions. Accelerate your business.

Free your time and increase your sales by automating your business and kickstarting your email marketing engine. 

Two Ways to Work with Us

What can you do while your automations work for you?

Million Dollar Systems

A 6-month retainer offer where we set the foundations of your automated marketing, sales, onboarding, and help you follow up with 100% of your leads 100% of the time and increase sales by 20% without increasing ad spend.

Get expert help monthly from a Certified Automation Service Provider™

Automation Club Membership

Drop out of YouTube university and automate one new things per month in your business with guidance from a  Certified Automation Service Provider™ and support from our dope community of ambitious entreprenuers.

Your marketing engine is stalling.

As a mission-driven service-based entrepreneur, you built your business on one premise: giving your clients amazing results. Based on the multi-six-figure business you’ve built and the testimonials you receive, you’ve done that. But if we’re being honest, getting here hasn’t been the best route for you nor is it one to stay on. 

Yes, you invested in a CRM to help you do things better, but you haven’t touched it since you bought it. You’re still dividing your time between lead generation and serving your clients. But for what? 

Your marketing engine is stalled, and with leads slipping through the cracks, it’s affecting your ability to scale your business, your bank, and the way you serve your clients (the current ones and the thirsty ones). There’s no more denying it: Something needs to change. You need to free up your time without sacrificing your income. You need to get your automated email marketing engine up and running.

Serve your audience without serving up more of yourself.

This is what happens when you automate your marketing.

It’s time to give yourself the business that works without you having to work it. And no, we’re not talking about investing in more systems (unless you like throwing money out the window). We’re talking about hiring those systems to do exactly what you already paid them to do. To free up your time while helping you make more money. 

With our CRM to Sales service, our team will take over your Active Campaign CRM and not only automate it for you but manage it. We’ll ensure that you follow up with 100% of your leads 100% of the time without ever asking you to open up your email platform. So basically, what you’re doing now but with way more ROI and time back on your plate to serve your clients and play with your dog all while converting your audience.

Kronda squats at the top of a hiking trail. Her Vizsla is sitting next to her giving her a kiss as they enjoy the view.

Automate your business. Live your life.

Karve out more time with Karvel Digital Services.

Kronda Adair, Founder, Karvel DIgital

Let’s not beat around the bush. We know you’ve been scarred by one too many tech VAs in the past. But here’s some news we know you’ll be happy to hear: we’re not VAs. As a team of Certified Automation Service Providers™ for Active Campaign, this is our zone of genius; around here, you won’t have to tell us what to do. We’re going to show you what needs to be done and then make it happen.

We’ll help you take your hands off the hustle wheel by automating your email marketing so that you can automatically grow genuine connections with your audience and turn them into paying clients. 

No Lead Left Behind

A weekly email series for teams who want to learn how to strategically hire software to execute effective marketing, sales, and onboarding processes more efficiently.

Tap into our zone of genius while sharpening your own!

No more wandering through Facebook groups asking randos for their unqualified opinions. Your business deserves better, and so do you.

Whether you read our blog or turn the sound up on our podcast, you’ll get the hard-hitting truth on how to automate your business and the steps to make it happen.

No more short-term fixes.

You got it right when you invested in Active Campaign. You knew you needed automation. That’s why every additional marketing tool you’ve bought since hasn’t done anything for you. It’s just been short-term fixes. You’ve been running away from the problem, and we want to help you stop running. 

At Karvel Digital, we’re giving you the long-term fix without asking you to do the long-hour work. As a team of Certified Automation Service Providers™, we’ll teach you how to ask better questions while delivering the best solutions. We’ll educate and support you so that you’re not just generating leads but creating automated systems that ensure you’re nurturing and selling to every single one of them.

No Lead Left Behind

A weekly email series for teams who want to learn how to strategically hire software to execute effective marketing, sales, and onboarding processes more efficiently.