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The Advantages of Hosting Your Lead Magnet in a Membership Portal

11 Advantages of Hosting Your Lead Magnet in a Membership Portal

Table of Contents Learn How People are Interacting with Your Lead Magnet and Other ResourcesUse Your Lead Magnet Tracking to Increase Engagement and RetentionA Membership Portal Increases the Real and Perceived Value of your ResourcesPutting Your Free and Paid Resources in One Place Increases Upselling OpportunitiesA Membership Portal Provides a Controlled EnvironmentIncrease Security and Protect

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6 Steps to create a simple scaleable marketing system

6 Steps to a Simple Scaleable Marketing System

Do you want to create simple, scaleable marketing system in your business and free up your time to focus more on delivering for your clients?  Many of our clients come to us with this goal but the road to getting there isn’t always what they expect. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you might

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How to Get Better at Selling with Email

A marketing system without effective emails that convert is like veins with no blood in them. Since we’ve pivoted away from coaching to focus on marketing automation, I’ve seen how some of our clients struggle with producing consistent emails and creating emails that convert. This is part 1 of a series where I’m going to share

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Why I retired my Content Boot Camp

Why I Retired Content Boot Camp

Content Boot Camp is 4 years old!Four years ago, I hit a wall when it came to trying to make my web development clients understand that a website alone wasn’t going to bring them clients. I created Content Boot Camp to address the real issue I saw with my clients – that they didn’t have a

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2022 Marketing Automation State of the Union

Over the past 6 months, it’s become clear that there’s a crisis going on regarding marketing automation for small businesses. Small businesses can greatly benefit from automation, but most aren’t doing it.

Whether that is because of a lack of time, expertise, or ability to invest, after spending 4 months auditing business in many different industries, I’m ready to talk about this problem, and what Karvel Digital is doing to help.

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