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I went to physical therapy again this morning and it was magical. My PT is just SO good. Not only is she good at what she does, but she's good at talking about what she does and why, while also checking in to make sure I actually want to know the details. Some people just want the result and don't care how it happens.

Today's treatment was a beautiful improvisation where Emily scanned to see what my body was telling her about being misaligned, which doesn't necessarily correspond to what I report about where things hurt. And I let her do what she wants because I trust her and I know she gets results.

When she was done, she explained her methodology this way:

The nerves are the boss and the muscles are like guards at the door. If your nerves and tendons are out of wack, then the muscles are on high alert and no one's getting in. You can massage them all you want, but if the boss isn't happy, it's not going to last. So she goes in and makes the boss happy, and that tells the rest of your body to chill out.

Good communication is magnetic. Not only does it help get your message across more clearly, it also makes people feel safe, especially if they're thinking about giving you their money. After all the horrible experiences we've had with service businesses in the last year, listening to Emily unravel the mysteries of neurocranial manipulation was like a really engrossing bedtime story.

Do you have things in your industry that are mysterious black boxes of confusion to your clients? How do you explain hard concepts to people who don't have your expertise?

Here's a video of me using an analogy to explain why a plugin customization that a client requested wasn't a great idea.

So many business owners are passionate about what they do, but struggle to talk about it in a way that gets their potential customers excited to work with them, especially online.

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