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This week I went back to my physical therapist cause my lower back has been acting up for the past month or so. The first time I saw her was about a year ago and I realized immediately that I was in the presence of someone who was a true master of her craft.

This week, she was very excited to tell me about the class she recently attended all about the pelvis. She described walking into a hotel conference room where a large group of pantless physicians were busy practicing what they had just learned. #notawkardatall

She was eager to scan me and see if there were any misalignments that might be contributing to my back pain. She put her hand on top of my head for a moment and then said, “Mmm hmmm… down and to the left.”

It all seemed pretty much like magic to me and it reminded me of the look people get on their faces sometimes when I get excited and start talking about using the internet to automate parts of your business.

I think you’d agree that’s a pretty big leap to walk into a doctor’s office with back pain and end up on a table with them poking around in places that are usually reserved for my spouse, but that’s what happened. (I did get to keep my pants on).

There are a few reasons why I had no qualms at all about letting Emily do whatever she felt was necessary even if I didn’t completely understand it.

First, I’ve been seeing her for a year now and my wife has been seeing her much longer. I trust her completely based on the relationship we’ve built and her previous success getting great results.

Second, she explained WHY she was doing each part of the treatment and what the benefit would be.

Third, even though she is by any measure, one of the most competent people in her field, she’s continually learning new things that could possibly help her patients. Her excitement about being able to make progress with some patients with more severe and chronic issues was palpable.

In short, when you meet someone who’s brilliant and competent at what they do and clearly jazzed about using their skills to help people, the best thing to do is get out of their way and let them work. So that’s what I did.

This brings me to my question for you: what are you doing to build relationships with your potential customers? The key word there is DOING. I talk to a lot of business owners who know what they should be doing, they’re just… not doing it.

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Kronda Adair

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