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Stop Making Senseless Websites

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Why You Should Listen to Me Hi, I’m Kronda and I make websites for a living. I’m married to a nurse and when I surf the web, sometimes I sound a lot like my wife, when we’re watching Grey’s Anatomy. She’s always yelling at the screen about everything they’re doing wrong–things like “Don’t ever shock […]

How to Stop Using Weak Passwords

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“My website got hacked.” That was the subject line of an email I received from an old client when I got back from vacation. Good password management and strong, unique passwords are one of the easiest ways to limit your risk of being hacked. Once you delve into the world of online marketing, you’ll start collecting […]

3 Reasons You Need a Password Management System

Just like you need a ring for your keys, you should have a system for your passwords

1. Your passwords are not secure password password123 catsname companynamewithazeroinsteadofaone I have used these passwords. I know you’ve used these passwords. Since becoming a developer, I have also become the keeper of other people’s passwords. I see firsthand how terrible and insecure they are. These are important passwords. The ones that are protecting domain accounts, […]