Automations that help you begin as you mean to go on.

CRM to Sales helps you set up your email marketing system for success from NOW instead of when you desperately need it later.

What if a lead NEVER slipped through the cracks again? Like Ever.

Feel free to disagree, but to us, there’s no point in spending your time creating amazing content if you’re not converting every lead it catches. There’s also no point in paying for a CRM that you’re not getting every penny of ROI from.

If you’re looking to scale your business without scaling your workload, you have to have an email marketing system in place that capitalizes on every piece of energy you invest into your content. And while you may not know how to leverage your Active Campaign system to make that happen, we do.

Connect and sell to every lead with CRM to Sales

When you invested in Active Campaign* and started your email list, you knew you wanted a deeper connection with your audience. You wanted to build a real active community that you were consistent with. One that you spoke to regularly, so you were never left guessing. When they were ready to convert, you’d know.

When you sign up for our CRM to Sales and turn over your Active Campaign CRM management to our team of certified Automation Service Providers, this is what you’ll get. Automated conversions.

By auditing, optimizing, and maintaining your Active Campaign system, we’ll take your email marketing from where it is now and get it to the content lead-converting machine you wanted it to be since yesterday.

We’ll help you:

  • Consistently send your weekly or monthly newsletters so that you turn your list of subscribers into a community of hot leads. 
  • Send personalized promotions to dynamic segments of your list so that you’re always acting when data shows that anyone in your audience is ready to buy.
  • Set up automated list cleaning so you can rid yourself of the salty subscribers and maintain high delivery rates!
  • Stop stressing about your technology and let your tech start working for you by expertly guiding you on how to make the most of your systems!

*We’re Active Campaign junkies around here, so this service is only available to those who already have Active Campaign or who are ready to invest in it.

Here’s how it works.

You don’t want to touch your automation systems and honestly, we don’t want you touching it either. With CRM to Sales, we’ll get your automations where they need to be NOW while supporting you in building out more automated success tomorrow.

Get Automated in 4 Weeks
Our team will start by taking a look at your systems and identifying what marketing, sales, or onboarding automations could bring you the biggest revenue wins FAST.

Then during our 90-minute automation strategy call, we’ll explain what automation strategy we’ll be implementing, why, the type of content we’ll need from you to make that happen (don’t worry, you’ll get complimentary email templates to get you started and access to our network of proven copywriters) and the software you’ll need to hire in order for us to do it.

You'll have two weeks to delivery the copy we need to build your system. If you're not experienced in writing copy that converts, you can hire from our network of experienced and proven copywriters.

Once we have everything we need, we get to work on building your system and deliver it within 4 weeks. Once we launch, every new lead who enters your world will be strategically introduced to you and your business and your core offer.  These automations act as your digital marketing and sales proxy, shortening your sales cycle and increasing your sales. 

Maintain The Momentum (Add on Service)
If you love the feeling of never having to check into your email platform again, you’ll have the option of hiring your tech us to maintain your tech. With this add-on service we’ll give you the support and hands-on help you need to clean up and optimize your account, make sure your automations are working as they should and that you’re capturing every lead you send through the door.

Our monthly support package will also make sure you never sacrifice another marketing kitten again by spending time on irrelevant marketing tactics. We’ll keep you ahead of the game by giving you:

  • Monthly 1:1 15-min strategy calls (First come, first served
  • Monthly co-working sessions / office hours
  • 1 new strategic automation build/per month
  • Access to our Private Client group in Circle
  • CTS Resource Vault - New automations and best practices each month to keep your marketing on track
  • Access to the Pot o Gold Content Marketing Database to keep your content organized and easily repurpose

CRM to Sales was built to help you begin as you mean to go on. From the beginning, we’re injecting your automated sales engine with the momentum it needs. Then, we’re giving you ongoing tools, resources, and support to ensure it keeps running.

We put strategy first.

The truth is you don’t know what you don’t know. And because you’re not sure where to even begin when it comes to using your email marketing tech, you’ve become paralyzed in effectively scaling your business without increasing your workload.

However, as a team of Certified Automation Service Providers™, we know how to put your CRM investment to use. We know what you’re missing. We know how to improve what you’re doing. And most importantly, we know how to get and read the data and then tweak it to make it work for you.

When you trust us to build and run your marketing system, we’ll tell you what content we need, you’ll hand it over, and we’ll do the rest. It gets to be that simple.

Lead every customer into a buying state.

Amazing things happen for your business when you have an automated marketing engine that actively monitors your audience.

You start getting replies to your welcome sequences. You start real conversations with people who need your help. You build an active community that's constantly nurtured into their buying state.

This is why, when you sign on to CRM to Sales, you can expect the time between people joining your list and becoming customers to be reduced by 50%!

There’s compound interest here.

CRM to Sales includes your subscription to the Automation of The Month

We’re not just here to start your automated email marketing engine. We’re here to keep it running. This is why when you subscribe to CRM to Sales, you’ll also get monthly emails that teach you about other basic foundation automations you could add to your marketing automations.

In the newsletter, we’ll explain the automation and the benefits it can bring to your business. If you’re done wasting time and ready to put it into action, all you have to do is create the content for it and send it over to us. We’ll take it from there. 

Get Automation of the month.

Step away from the tools—you don’t need any more!

If you’ve been soliciting advice from the Facebook groups, we know you’ve probably been told about every tool and ad course under the sun to get your automated marketing engine going. But you don’t need to buy any more software or invest in any more courses. It’s time to hire what you already have.

By turning over your CRM management to us and allowing us to automate your marketing, you can start spending more time leading your business and less time in the weeds of it.

No Lead Left Behind

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