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A marketing system without effective emails that convert is like veins with no blood in them. Since we’ve pivoted away from coaching to focus on marketing automation, I’ve seen how some of our clients struggle with producing consistent emails and creating emails that convert.

This is part 1 of a series where I’m going to share two amazing resources with wildly different approaches to help you get better at email marketing.

You didn’t set out to become a copywriter

You probably didn’t set out to be a copywriter, but the reality is, at least at first, you need to learn how to communicate about your offer in a way that converts visitors to leads and leads to customers.

So many people try to outsource their marketing before they have defined their own voice and really learned about their audience. If you do this, you will only be delaying your results and investing a lot of money to have someone else guess at your audience’s pains and problems.

A good copywriter can absolutely write in your voice, but first, you have to have a voice. And preferably a body of work that a copywriting team can build on.

It’s much cheaper and more beneficial to you to develop the skill to communicate the value of your offers in email which you can then transfer to other mediums.

Kirsten Roldan: Million Dollar Email

Kirsten Roldan is a proud Nuyorican with a background running a funnel-building agency. She believes that Millionaires write emails and she founded her program Million Dollar Email to help coaches and service providers make their first $100k to $1M with email.

Her program promise is that you will make 25% of your monthly income with email in the first 30 days and become social media optional.

I joined MDE in January of 2023 and here are some of my favorite things about the program:

You can get results quickly.

The lessons inside Million Dollar Email are short, to the point, and created to get you taking action as quickly as possible. My favorite case study is the person who joined with no list and within a week got her email list up and running, got 2 subscribers, and made a sale.

I joined just before our first official launch of CRM to Sales. Learning Kirsten’s Offer Story framework helped me clarify my offer, who it’s for and how I talked about it. After going through the lessons on launching, I woke up the next morning and brainstormed 118 email topic ideas before breakfast.

I had so many ideas I didn’t have time to use them all, and still have 60+ topics to use in my weekly emails and future launches.

The coaching and community are top notch

I could immediately tell that Kirsten has implemented the Systems Over Stress program for managing group programs. The onboarding is smooth and automated, and you get immediate access to coaching. You can join and be submitting your offer story and emails for feedback as fast as you can implement them. The coaches are direct are don’t pull punches because they are focused on helping you get results, which I love.

No Email Templates

I love a good template, but what I’ve found in 6 months of helping clients implement their email marketing is that templates can’t help if you don’t understand your offer, audience and messaging.

We provide templates for our clients and most of them still needed coaching on how to change the templates to fit their own voice and circumstances.

The MDE frameworks teach you how to fall in love with your offer and use your offer story to write emails that convert people who are ready to buy. Kirsten helps you keep your eye on the prize – sales > leads.

Learn how to email like a millionaire

One of the big focuses in MDE is on your Million Dollar Energy. Your mindset and attitude are a huge factor in the success of your emails and this is addressed in the curriculum and hugely supported in the coaching both in weekly calls and the Slack channel.

You can make money with a small list

Whatever excuse you have for not making more money with email, Kirsten has obliterated it. She is an expert at small-list conversions. She made $500k with a list of less then 500 people and is running a million-dollar business with a list of less than 1000 people.

You can use Million Dollar Email skills in your whole business

The skills, frameworks, and tools you learn from Kirsten will be useful throughout your entire business. You can use your emails at the basis for your social media strategy (if you still want to use social media, which will become optional). You can use the frameworks for any kind of content like blog posts, YouTube videos, webinars, etc.

The Price is Right

At the time of the writing, Million Dollar Email is $2500 and a 5-month payment plan is available. I can't believe the value Kirsten is providing at such an accessible price point. I’ve been in programs 5 times that price that didn’t provide the value, support, and integrity that MDE has.

Join now or join the waitlist.

At the time of publishing this, MDE is closing in just a few hours. But I knew I needed to plant this flag. Since I retired my Content Boot Camp and created CRM to Sales, I’m no longer focused on coaching my clients. But the automated email marketing systems we create are only as good as the content that flows through it.

The links in this post are affiliate links, but trust that my main goal is that our clients write amazing emails that convert and help them reach their goals.

Click here to join Million Dollar Email today or get on the waitlist.

If you still need help deciding, check out Kirsten’s Million Dollar Peace podcast, especially the replay of her webinar, The Email Strategy to Become Social Media Optional and Why Email is the Best Strategy for Beginners.

Write Emails and Stop Focusing on the Tech

If you are a multi-six or 7-figure entrepreneur who is serious about building an email marketing system to scale your business, check out CRM to Sales, our program to help you build a system to follow up with 100% of your leads 100% of the time.

About the author 

Kronda Adair

Kronda is the CEO of Karvel Digital, a digital marketing agency that helps mission-driven service-based business owners how to use content to sell so they can automate their marketing and scale without burnout. She loves empowering small business owners to not be intimidated by all this tech stuff. She's often covered in cats.

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