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The most important work that you can do to reach your goals is to become who you need to become so that you can have what you want to have. People get this backwards all the time. They think, oh, you know, when I have a big following, then I'll raise my prices. It's like, nope. It's backwards. You've got to do the things that you need to do in order to justify raising those prices or whatever else it is that you're waiting on. But that's the order of operations. You've got to become, you got to do the hard work, and then you get to have the results.

Episode Summary:

Something really cool happened in my business this summer. I made $90K in 60 days over July and August. Over the summer I experienced some rapid business growth and I made $100K in my business.

That said, it really bugs me when people spout numbers like this and they don't tell you what it took to get there. So in today’s episode, we're going to do a little deep behind-the-scenes tour for you and I'm going to talk about the things that led up to this milestone win.

We’re also nearing the end of the year and it's naturally a time when we start looking back on how things have gone and start looking ahead to how we want things to go. In this episode, I also share reflections on reshaping my offer to better align with my zone of genius, and how capitalizing on momentum, relationships, and exposure has created inevitable success. 

What You'll Learn in This Episode

  • [03:20] The shift from done-for-you services to offering a new group coaching program
  • [05:00] A hard dry spell prompts an experiment with a smaller version of my program that leads to more insights
  • [06:56] Learning to stay in my zone of genius but also offer technology implementation
  • [08:57] January 2020 - The value of finding community
  • [10:00] February 2020 - The importance of generating leads for your business
  • [10:50] March 2020 - Organic development of our InSourced service
  • [12:57] April 2020 - Relaunching a course and capitalizing on visibility to generate new business
  • [14:59] May 2020 - “Don’t sleep on your follow up game.”
  • [16:54] June 2020 - Having the ability to invest in a team and in the growth of my business
  • [20:11] July 2020 - Making money while on vacation
  • [023:46] August 2020 - Leveraging systems, momentum, exposure, and relationship to achieve massive results
  • [25:35] The decisions are hard, but you must make success is inevitable
  • [28:52] “Become who you need to become so that you can have what you want to have.”
  • [30:09] Proof that the cliché is true. “Your network equals your net worth.”
  • [34:12] About Content Bootcamp

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