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Life Coach Lael Peterson  shares how Content Boot Camp helped her put the life and energy back in her business and get tech guidance. 

Marketing Strategist Seema Pateel talks about creating an offer she can be proud of in Content Boot Camp

Attorney Dina Eisenberg  shares how Content Boot Camp helped her learn to market effectively as an introvert.

Photographer Kim Elliott talks about her first impressions of Content Boot Camp.

Marlena Compton of Appear Works on Content Boot Camp: You could have called it 'How to Tie Your Shoes' and I would have signed up. 

Web designer Liz Weaver talks about what Content Boot Camp did for her business.

Candice Smith - CEO of Caregiven talks about why she chose to invest in her website and marketing channels before her product launched.

Therapist Misty McIntyre talks about reducing stress and gaining more time with her family through automating simple business processes.

Amelia Armitage  of Claydate PDX talks about building her website in a day with Karvel Digital

Photographer Kim Elliott talks about learning to put herself out there as an introvert and what it's done for her ability to market her business consistently.

I love your process!


I love your process! I feel that it is one I can apply for myself for other projects and also iteratively in my current project.

Monica Borrell - CEO Project Elevate

Through Kronda's consultation and support, I was able to see that I do actually have good ideas for content (!!!) but that they need to be structured in a way that makes sense for my audience. Now, I feel like I can import the strategies she gave me for Human.School into my business and other projects because I "get" the underlying content principles.

Kristen Gallagher

Focus on the 'why'


I love how Kronda focuses on the "why"—it’s the core of every business, yet so many times I lose track of it! I learned how to market to different industries and reuse existing marketing material. Kronda makes it easy to see the challenges and shows me where I can make changes/improvements.

Nedra Rezinas - Owner, Blue Deer Forest Web Design

A dose of reality


Thanks for another dose of reality. It's so helpful to get the push when I need it!

Jewel Mlnarik - Cofounder / Workfrom

I Got What I Actually Needed


I went in asking for one thing, but got back what I actually needed and didn't even know to ask about – clarity about my mission, my WHY, and how I expressed that. It's incredibly helpful to have someone shine light on your blindspots! Kronda gave me the insight I truly needed to meet my goals of growing my business, even when I wasn't asking the right questions.

Eva D'Luscious - Burlesque Performer and Producer, BurlyQFit