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Alternatives to Hiring Full-Time Employees with Kronda Adair


Don’t be cheap. If you just go and hire some random person off Upwork or Fiverr, you get what you pay for by and large. You're going to have a much better time if you're able to pay a good wage, or pay up for some of these services that are going to help you get someone who's more likely to be qualified and able to actually do the things that you need them to do.

Episode Summary:

Today, we are going to talk about hiring and I have to tell you that I am as surprised as the next person that this is the topic of today's episode because I am far from being an expert on this topic. That said, I do have some valuable insights to share with you that I’ve developed over the past nine month going from being a solopreneur to leading a team.

In this episode, I do some mythbusting of common advice you’ll hear from the ‘business gurus” and you’ll hear my approach to building a team of skilled professionals that are committed to seeing your business succeed.

If hiring a team feels like a river you can’t seem to cross, I’ve got some alternative routes and stepping stones for you that might just be the thing to get you to the other side.

What You'll Learn in This Episode

  • [01:57] Going from a solopreneur to leading a team in nine months
  • [02:31] The advice most gurus give might not be the best advice for you to follow
  • [04:36] Mythbusting - Contractor aren’t committed to your business
  • [05:52] Mythbusting - Contractors are going to steal all your business secrets
  • [06:11] How I first built my team leveraging my network
  • [07:56] The value of using agencies to place qualified people on your team
  • [10:01] Hiring a qualified VA through an agency
  • [12:44] Making a bad hire is unavoidable, here are my tips to move passed it
  • [15:24] The impact hiring an Operations Director had on my business
  • [18:10] Why I started creating SOPs before I started hiring
  • [18:53] Ways to invest in your team’s professional development
  • [19:47] The role I wasn’t looking to hire and how they joined the team
  • [21:15] My Dos and Don’ts for hiring
  • [28:35] About Content Bootcamp

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