How to Stop Using Weak Passwords

“My website got hacked.”

That was the subject line of an email I received from an old client when I got back from vacation.

Good password management and strong, unique passwords are one of the easiest ways to limit your risk of being hacked. Once you delve into the world of online marketing, you'll start collecting more passwords than you ever thought possible. Website logins. Hosting. Email marketing services. Google accounts. If you don't have a system to manage them, you'll do what most people do and use the same passwords over and over or constantly reset them because you forget.

Earlier this month I met a very successful entrepreneur at an event. He wanted my opinion about something on the back end of his website. I watched while he spent about 10 minutes trying to remember the password. After trying several different combinations he texted his wife to look it up. That one didn't work either.

Friends, it doesn't have to be this way.

Stop Wasting Time and Save Your Brain

I've always been a huge fan of 1Password for managing secure information and according to my informal Twitter poll, I'm not alone.

Unscientific Twitter poll results. 1Password is a hit.

I haven't typed a password in at least 5 years. I have strong unique passwords for all my important logins and I only have to remember one, and that's long since become muscle memory.

Logging in 1Password style (no typing)

Recently Agilebits created 1Password for Teams and it's a game changer. Watch the video below to see how 1Password for Teams can simplify your life:

UPDATE: WHOA NELLIE! I was already excited about Teams and now they're coming out with a Family version too!

The funny thing about information is, it's only useful if you take action. Want some help getting your digital life in order? We can help you tame your passwords, setup your password management system and train you and/or your team how to use it.

What's your favorite password management system? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Kronda Adair

Kronda is the CEO of Karvel Digital, a digital marketing agency that helps established businesses double their revenue in 12 months using online marketing. She loves empowering small business owners to not be intimidated by all this tech stuff. She's often covered in cats.