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How to Make Better Coaching Investments with Kronda Adair


You can almost always go right when you're improving your core business skills. So things like communication, leadership, marketing, sales, core things that you really need to level up on to be able to scale and grow your business. It's almost always worthwhile to invest in something that's going to improve those skills.

Episode Summary:

In today's episode, we discuss how to make better coaching investments. The reason I wanted to talk about this topic is that the coaching industry is a shit show. Because you don't have to hold any particular credentials to be a coach, it's the wild west out there. Additionally, having credentials doesn't necessarily make you a better coach either. I'm seeing many people who have made investments in coaching really aren't happy with what they're getting.

It's a given that we're all going to make bad investments in our businesses. You just can't escape it. However, you can be more decisive. In today's podcast, I give you seven tips or things to think about as you are trying to consider who you want to guide you to your next level of business.

What You'll Learn in This Episode

  • [01:54] The coaching industry is like the wild west
  • [03:19] The importance of being clear about the outcome you're looking for
  • [03:51] Taking into consideration the source of coaching and your stage of business
  • [05:06] Being realistic about what you can actually achieve
  • [07:03] Investing to improve your core business skills is always the right thing to do
  • [08:10] Information on joining Content Bootcamp
  • [09:34] Looking at how much to invest in coaching
  • [11:35] Taking time to do your own research before investing in coaching
  • [12:54] The reasons for implementing free and the low-cost content

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