Begin as you mean to go on


Kronda Adair

Belief is the single most important ingredient that determines whether you are going to succeed, not just in business, but in any endeavor that you take on in life.

Episode Description:

A lot of entrepreneurs I talk to let their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs hold them back. When starting a business, there are so many things to consider which may seem daunting, but this episode will give advice on how you can stop limiting yourself.

We’ll discuss how the things you believe can be helpful or harmful to your entrepreneurial journey, and why you shouldn’t let your fears hold you back. We’ll also talk about what it means to take risks in your business and how important it is to always check your beliefs if you truly want to achieve the success you desire as an entrepreneur.

Episode Summary

  • Why believing in yourself and taking action is the most important key to your success.
  • Why just wanting to be successful isn’t enough.
  • The easiest hack to build your belief.
  • How lack of debt can hold you back.
  • The real reason you should embrace risk.

Resources Mentioned:

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Kronda Adair

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Kronda Adair

Kronda is the CEO of Karvel Digital, a digital marketing agency that helps mission-driven service-based business owners how to use content to sell so they can automate their marketing and scale without burnout. She loves empowering small business owners to not be intimidated by all this tech stuff. She's often covered in cats.