The 10 Minute Guide to Profitable Content

Noël Ponthieux - Brand Copywriter
Noël Ponthieux


I created a distilled a brand persona in less than 3 hours that totally wowed my client. 

Kronda Adair


With all the hats we business owners wear, who has time to create marketing content?

We’re too busy being the:

✔️ Administrators

✔️ Marketers

✔️ Bookkeepers

✔️ Salesman

✔️ Customer Service and Human Resource Reps

And sometimes psychologists, analysts, developers, researchers …

But WITHOUT content, we lose out on traffic and visibility that can build momentum and help boost our businesses to the next level.

Ever wish you had a clone? ??

? Put down the gene splicer and Bunsen burner! With my 10-Minute Guide to Profitable Content, you don’t need a clone.

This FREE downloadable guide will help you set up a system that streamlines content creation. 

Save Time

Learn shortcuts to creating and repurposing content for all kinds of platforms

Increase Traffic

Improve search engine rankings and grow your audience

Create Assets

Fast track content creation. The faster people get to know you, the more your business will grow.

I'm Kronda Adair

I started my career as a web developer, creating WordPress sites for small business owners. After 6 years of seeing entrepreneurs struggle to create effective strategies to use the tools I was building, I turned to coaching mission-driven service-based business owners and teaching them how to create content marketing systems that work 24/7. I am the creator of the Foundation Framework for service-based business owners that helps business owners get their mindset, service, and technology aligned so your business can thrive.