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I am a forever fan

I just want to give a shout out to Kronda Adair for making my automation and tech dreams come true. I’m nearing the end of my first online launch and it’s been amazing. I’m exceeding my goals and I’m not exhausted! And, it’s largely because of Kronda.

When I first signed up with Kronda a year ago I knew I needed to upgrade my tech and build an online platform I could leverage. I had a Dixie cup and needed a reservoir so that when I started marketing and turning up the flow I had something to catch all the goodness.

And now that’s what’s happening. It’s exciting that I’m getting sales and doing the work I love to do. It’s even more exciting knowing that this is completely scalable and that if I went viral tomorrow my biz would bend but it wouldn’t break. I’m so glad I did this work at the beginning instead of investing in tools that I would outgrow when things really started to get going in my business. I see this happening to other businesses all the time.

If you’re just getting into scaling up your marketing, are running into the limitations of your all-in-one, are still manually entering client info, or having trouble onboarding and are serious about your business, just do yourself a favor and book a session with this woman. She blew my mind just in the complimentary strategy session she offers.

I am a forever fan

Adrianna Locke Acupuncturist
Kronda Adair CEO Karvel Digital

Hi there,

I'm Kronda Adair, recovered WordPress developer turned content marketer and automation service provider. 

My greatest joy in business is helping service-based business owners with a mission enjoy more time, increased revenue and greater ease using the power of strategy combined with the right technology. 

I look forward to talking with you! 



Karvel Digital | CEO