in Avoid Common Mistakes on March 29, 2014 by Kronda Adair
Just like you need a ring for your keys, you should have a system for your passwords

1. Your passwords are not secure passwordpassword123catsnamecompanynamewithazeroinsteadofaone I have used these passwords. I know you’ve used these passwords. Since becoming a developer, I have also become the keeper of other people’s passwords. I see firsthand how terrible and insecure they are. These are important passwords. The ones that are protecting domain accounts, web host accounts,

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in Avoid Common Mistakes on January 20, 2014 by Kronda Adair
Make sure your actually own all your digital assets!

I was talking to a friend about helping with their business website and in the course of things, I asked who the current hosting provider was. “Oh, I’m not sure, [friend] set that up for me.” I’ll find out. It turned out that not only had someone else setup the hosting account, but it was

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