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Do You Own Your Digital Assets?

Own your digital assets

Are you building your whole business on platforms you don’t own? What would happen to your business if you lost all your social media followers tomorrow? In this video, I talk about the importance of building relationships that don’t rely on the middleman. Most business owners are overly concerned with their social media followings on […]

A Message to New Business Owners

30 Day Challenge Day 1: A message to new business owners

New challenge! In my typical spur of the moment fashion, I decided to do a new 30-day challenge to publish some content every day. This is especially dedicated to all your perfectionists out there, who aren’t shipping because you’re waiting for it to be perfect. In today’s message, I shout out the Active Growth podcast once […]

Stop Making Senseless Websites

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Why You Should Listen to Me Hi, I’m Kronda and I make websites for a living. I’m married to a nurse and when I surf the web, sometimes I sound a lot like my wife, when we’re watching Grey’s Anatomy. She’s always yelling at the screen about everything they’re doing wrong–things like “Don’t ever shock […]