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Copywriting Tips

Copywriting tips

A few days ago, I offered to answer questions in some of these daily videos. Jami asks if I have any copywriting tips, so that’s the subject of today’s video. Copywriting touches every part of your business and it’s well worth your time to improve your skills. If you can’t communicate the value of what […]

Appreciation Day

Appreciation day

It takes a village to grow a business, even if you only see one person. Today I took some time to thank the people who have helped me grow my business. Who has helped you along on your journey? Post in the comments and then go tell them! A special shout out to WP Elevation […]

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Why being authentic is good for business

I was presenting to a group of new women developers a few years ago, and one of them said, “I follow you on Twitter…do you have trouble getting clients because of your outspokenness?” This is a question that I never worry about. One of the reasons I started a business was to be able to […]